Posted by: ramblinpat | August 27, 2013

Can Canadian Politics Be Salvaged?

I have to start by saying that I have been completely apolitical for decades – even anti-political.  I have felt that our Canadian political system is so seriously flawed that it has done more harm than good.  If the purpose of government is to represent the people, it doesn’t seem to be fulfilling it’s purpose.  It seems to be representing a small group of influential people who are using politics to manipulate the system to gain their own ends and accumulate wealth and control.  Elections seem to be the one time that politicians pay attention to people and offer promises to be representative of constituents so as to be re-elected into positions of power.

I am proud of Canada, but that pride is becoming fatigued.  I find myself faced with a choice:  Should I make an effort to make things better on the larger scale, or simply give up and do my best to make my smaller, personal world better?   It would certainly be easier to step back and live out my life while avoiding the complications of government.  But that wouldn’t help my children and all of the rest of the people that will be impacted by the mess that is growing today.

Have a look at a TED video about the responsibility that we Boomers should feel –  I both thank and curse Dr. John Izzo for this talk at TEDx Vancouver.  I have been feeling that responsibility since hearing him speak and now I feel that I have to do something about it.

I’ve decided to get involved in politics.  Not as a candidate, because in all honesty I don’t think that I would be very good at it.  I am going to learn about politics by getting involved at the policy level – it all begins with Policy.  I’ve chosen a political party that I think is closest to my principles and become a party member.  I have made myself available to become part of the core structure of the party so that I can understand the system to the point of being able to judge for myself whether the system can be salvaged, or not.  I will be attending the Biennial Convention this fall and participating in good faith in the process of preparing the Party for the next election.

At some point during this process, I will be able to come to some conclusions about Canadian politics.  I want to make an informed decision; Can the system be salvaged, or should it be scrapped and replaced?  After having made that fundamental decision, I will decide the ‘next steps’.

I will be posting here about my adventures in the political machine.


Ramblin’ Pat

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