Posted by: ramblinpat | August 29, 2011

Cape Spear, Newfoundland-Labrador

If you look just a little farther to the east, you will see the west coast of Ireland.

It’s not often that you can be among the first people in North America who see the sun, so I had to see the sunrise at Cape Spear, the easternmost point of land in Canada the closest land to the east is the west coast of Ireland. A couple of years ago my son and I stood on that point in Ireland so it is an interesting feeling to have been on those beaches on either side of the north atlantic.

At 5:45 it was pre-dawn with a coral colored sky in the east. Over a period of 2-3 minutes everything shifted from pre-dawn grays to the vivid colours of the ocean shoreline in the bright morning sun.

If you haven’t been to Cape Spear in Newfoundland-Labrador, you should put it on your list, and you should be there Feeling Canada’s first rays of sun on your face is one of the best ways to start a day!

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